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2021-11-26 09:15:59 By : Ms. Joy Xu

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Assault rifles will become more accurate on Thursday, and there will be a huge patch in December.

So far, one of the main complaints about "Battlefield 2042" is the spread of bullets from the assault rifle, which has a poor range due to its unstable shooting. I like that assault rifles are not the main gun type in BF2042, but I know this day will come: in the second patch of Battlefield 2042 released this Thursday, assault rifles and other guns will become more accurate, and in December There will be a larger patch that will make more gun balance adjustments. 

DICE is also considering player complaints about the redesigned scoreboard, although it has postponed announcing the details of its "legacy features" plan.

In today's blog post, the developer did reveal some specific Battlefield 2042 fixes and changes in the next two patches, however, the bullet deviation is only one of many topics covered. However, starting with this issue, Thursday’s update #2 will reduce the spread of all bullets, aiming and moving at the same time, and reduce the fixed ADS spread of "many weapons". Continuous and single shots will also become more accurate, and the dominant PP-29 submachine gun will gain greater vertical recoil, making it no longer like a beast.

Thursday’s patch will also weaken the LCAA hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird helicopter. I can't deny that the hovercraft is underpowered, but I will definitely miss the good time we have spent with it so far. You have to say goodbye to its almost bulletproof rubber until Thursday.

Another outstanding change this week is to fix a bug that would prevent resurrection when someone falls near an object. This should satisfy everyone, because it is annoying.

Update #3 in December will be bigger, with fixes and changes that touch every part of the game, including more adjustments related to gunfights. DICE said that the patch will fix the inconsistency of aiming related to the sensitivity of the mouse. We will see the anti-armor capability of the NTW-50 sniper rifle weakened and fix the bullet propagation error in the Portal. The studio also admitted that according to the expected design, the aiming aid on the game console "behaves inconsistently", so it is investigating this, although it has not announced a specific repair method. 

DICE stated that update #3 will include "more than 150 individual fixes" to the map, and detailed some adjustments to vehicles, guns, experts, gadgets, hazardous areas, portals, PC performance, and user interfaces. Here are some highlights:

DICE also acknowledged that some PC players are struggling to get the frame rate they expect and report CPU bottlenecks, although it has not announced a solution yet.

"Determining engine-level optimization and developing solutions requires us longer response times in order to complete them correctly," the developer said. "In the short term, we will do our best to help provide performance improvements to reduce load and increase your frame rate where possible. We will let you know about our work through our battlefield channel."

Regarding the complaint about the new scoreboard, it no longer compares the total score of each player in the server. DICE said there is a lot to say about this topic, but it is waiting for it to show us what it is doing.

DICE wrote: "Features such as the end of the game scoreboard, server browser, and voice chat are important topics we covered at one time. We have a lot to say." "When we have something to show you, we will come back Looking for you, including detailed information about our long-term vision for certain features and functions."

DICE previously stated that it will add voice chat after the release, but apart from other "long-term vision" themes, the specific changes before the end of 2022 have resolved many battlefield fans' complaints about disappointment with this game. new game. However, these patches will not resolve fundamental disagreements about what a battlefield game should be. DICE has not changed the idea of ​​replacing the old career system with professional characters or redesigning the map. I would like to know if the players who contributed to the thousands of negative Steam reviews of "Battlefield 2042" can be persuaded, or if the disconnect is too great. Personally, I really enjoy the way "Battlefield 2042" refocuses the series on scale, but this is a highly controversial decision.

In the blog post announcing the patch, DICE includes a long but incomplete list of changes, listing the changes in patch #2 this Thursday and patch #3 sometime in December-here is better than me here There is much more introduction. The developer also revealed that there is another update that it "hopes to deploy before the holidays", but did not disclose more information. 

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