Bullets are flying around Lehigh Acres, neighbours are nervous

2021-11-26 09:16:06 By : Mr. Jack Hou

WINK News first introduced you to the shooting at Lehigh Acres on Tuesday, which injured 4 people. Now, we hear a person say that a bullet flew through his window in that shooting.

The man didn't want to speak in front of the camera, but said he was shocked to find glass on the bed and bullets near the dressing table.

The shooting took place at Cervantes East Street at around 3 am. The scene was located east of Homestead Road, not far from Mirror Lakes Elementary School.

When the bullet entered his home, the neighbor thought it was an electrical problem. But when he saw the bullet holes in the bedroom window and the glass on the bed where he slept, he was surprised.

Dee W. also lives nearby. "It could be anyone's house," she said.

WINK News also interviewed this neighbor, whose house was also burned down by the line of fire. "It's a little surprised because it's like... surprised they didn't come to our house. I'm really glad they didn't come to our house," Dee said.

Neighbors noticed this while walking their dog on Tuesday. It was terrifying for her to know how close these bullets were to hit her home.

Other families nearby said that this has always been a peaceful community. "It's scary now, because...there has never been trouble here," Freddie A.

The fact that his home was so close to the shooting scene and the fact that the bullet hit his neighbor's house made Fredy reconsider the safety of his family. "I have a family. I have two children and my wife here. It's scary," he said.

Investigators are still searching for the person responsible for the shooting that injured four people. This happened two blocks away from the house where the windows were broken. The people who live there plan to file charges after detectives find the gunman.

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