Can HBO Max Wave A Magic Wand really bring us back to Hogwarts? -TVWise

2021-11-26 09:17:05 By : Ms. lv huilin

TVWise writer Charlie Peters said that the possibility of Harry Potter on the small screen seems to be the next logical step in the series.

With the rumor factory starting to act earlier this year, no one can escape the news that HBO Max is talking about the highly anticipated Harry Potter TV series. Potter fans are happy to hear about the possibility of the wizarding world opening its doors to us Muggles again.

Although nothing has been confirmed, and no writers have participated in the project, the move to small screens and streaming services seems to be the next step in the franchise. Will we see the cursed child jumping from the stage to the screen, or will we see something new from JK Rowling and his partners directly into HBO Max?

A large number of possible tones can be made for the Porter series, and positioning them is of great significance to HBO Max. A series with the older generation of Hogwarts students as the background will definitely satisfy the demand of die-hard fans to learn more about life during the First Wizarding War, and I personally want to see the occurrence of Azkaban. It is a magic prison dementor guarded by soul suckers. Maybe the wizard who visited Harry hated relatives and how Dursley's house was affected by their magic.

Rowling's world is so vast and rich, but in fact, we just touched the skin of the magical population. Casting is of course the key. For a true Hogwarts feel, we should continue to use the traditions of the most famous British actors. One of the reasons that made previous films so successful is that the (almost) perfect casting transfers our growing role directly. Learn and love from the pages of a well-known novel on the screen.

Recent social media discussions have raised the possibility of using the original trio to replay their roles in the Cursed Kids series. Now that they are adults, they are suitable for adults to play Harry, Ron, and Hermione again. age. Since stepping into the Great Hall of the People so many years ago, the three actors have changed so much. Is the reunion really the right thing to do? No matter what this will happen remains to be seen, but as an avid "Porterhead", I will definitely wonder what will happen to the wizarding world next.

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