Celebrities own their own sex toys and bedroom supplies

2021-11-26 09:16:35 By : Mr. mike chen

The once taboo topic has now become a hot topic among celebrities: sex toys!

Some of our most famous faces in pop culture are trying to bring them into the mainstream through their platforms, thus breaking the stigma surrounding sex toys and other bedroom products.

Although entertainment products inspired by our favorite stars are nothing new-just look at this unrelated Pete Davidson-style dildo, tattoos and more! — Some celebrities have begun to launch their own sexual pleasure and health products, whether through collaborations, individual products, or even their own brand-new companies.

Below are nine celebrities who have left their mark on the porn industry.

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle company Goop expands into the field of sex toys and sexual health. Goop's products include a variety of bedroom toys (including teacher's rulers, bow ties, etc.), vibrators, lubricants, oils, etc. She also released a $75 candle called "This smells like my vagina candle."

Paltrow told the New York Times in 2021: “Goop is definitely a partner in pioneering this path and creating a culture around women’s health, sexual health, and sexuality. That’s why we make vaginal candles. Let’s Eliminate all these things." Take your projection away from me. Let me experience myself, my body and my happiness in my own way. "

In 2020, Lily Allen collaborated with Womanizer to create her own Liberty vibrator. Vibe uses Pleasant Air technology to stimulate users, as well as two different stimulator head sizes. This waterproof toy retails for US$99 and is packed in a small suitcase, which lasts for 120 minutes per charge.

"Women should not be ashamed of their sexual behavior, we should all have our own happiness. Hope this little toy can help you do this! #IMasturbate," the pop star said in a statement. "Loving yourself should be the most normal thing in the world."

Kandi Burruss founded his private product company Bedroom Kandi in 2011 with developers Brian and Suki Dunham. For ten years, the real housewife of the Atlanta star has developed her company, which includes planning and consulting for family gatherings. Her product line includes bath and body products, male and female toys and lubricants. She even designed a vibrator that looks like lipstick.

"My ultimate dream is to make Bedroom Kandi as big as Victoria's Secret," she told Essence in 2020. "I hope that Bedroom Kandi has its own underwear, lotions, body sprays, candles-anything related to intimacy. We will also sell real entertainment toys and products. I hope that this store will be female-centric and make people It feels sexy and comfortable."

In 2014, Coco Austin launched its own lingerie and product company Cocolicious Lingerie, which is available for purchase on Amazon and her own online store. Some products can still be purchased online, but it is not clear whether Austin is still actively working online.

The series includes a series of products, including booty gel, close-fitting wipes, crease gloss, champagne body spray and Kegel sneakers. According to reports, Austin’s husband Ice-T’s favorite product is remote-controlled bullets.

Cara Delevingne is the co-owner and creative consultant of sex technology startup Lora DiCarlo. But she is more than just a brand ambassador; this model-born actress helps formulate marketing strategies, oversee content development, and even develop new products with engineers.

"This is something I considered for a long time, and it took a while to find the right person to do this," Delevingne told Fast Company about her new business. "I am very depressed in terms of sex and English. This kind of relationship between you and yourself is the most important relationship in the world. It is not just about pleasing yourself, but about exploring and loving yourself."

In 2016, Motley Crue collaborated with LoveHoney to create eight different vibrators inspired by classic rock bands, allowing fans to choose the perfect atmosphere based on size, album cover, or their favorite song.

What products does the group provide for bedrooms? Girls Girls Girls 10 functional bullet vibrator, Too Fast For Love 10 functional bullet vibrator and The Shot at the Devil 7 functional vibrator. Talk about diversity!

Around 2013, Farrah Abraham partnered with sex toy manufacturer Topco Sales to develop a series of intimate toys, including custom genital molds.

It’s unclear if these products are still being produced or sold today, but the former teenage mom star apparently charged $198 for her "Farrah py" product, while her "backdoor entry" toy charged a staggering $449 . The so-called controversial advertising motto of this line? "Without paying child support, try to be as close to the real thing as possible!"

Dakota Johnson is an investor and co-creative director of Maude, a sexual health company. 50 gray stars help create new products and educational programs. According to Vogue, Johnson "likes a good atmosphere", but her personal favorite product is Maude's pH-balancing lotion.

"This kind of conversation is outdated and is not good for contemporary humans," Johnson shared the practices of other companies in terms of sexual health and intimate toys. "Customers usually only deal with products that focus on men or women, or about'naughty' or'lewdness', etc. Sexual health is self-care. For me, taking care of your body in a sexual way should be related to nutrition, Take care of your body in skin care, exercise, etc. Sex is important and special, and should be treated like this."

In 2021, Johnson plans to give her friends Maude's Cone butt plugs as sock fillers. (The pun means.) "I know a lot of people are curious about this, and, you know, there are many parts of a person's anus that are sexy areas, and I think it might be fun for people to explore these areas," she told Very Stylish .

In 2021, Demi Lovato and Bellesa Boutique created the iconic Demi Wand vibrator. "I want to create my own sex toy to eliminate the stigma of happiness and take your sexual relationship to a new level," Lovato wrote on Instagram about the product launch.

The bright yellow vibrator is 5.5 inches long and has eight different vibration modes. It also has a white complexion. The desired retail price is $79, and it provides a convenient charging mechanism through its housing.